St Mary’s Wooler

Visitors are most welcome to come in explore, sit, pray – our church is there for all to enjoy.   The doors are usually open in daylight hours in winter and until early evening in summer.  You are very welcome to join our congregation who worship every Sunday.

A beautiful tranquil space in the busy town of Wooler.

St Mary’s Church dates from 1764 and was extended in 1913 with the addition of the chancel. The building contains some notable Victorian windows in the nave and some exceptionally fine 20th century stained glass in the sanctuary. Many items in the church are gifts in memory of particular persons, or events and make for an interesting discovery of social history.

Sunday services (Common Worship unless otherwise stated)

8.00am – Holy Communion – A short quiet service with no hymns.  This service is popular with walkers.

10.00am – Holy Communion (1st, 2nd and 3rd Sundays) – Our main act of worship with hymns and refreshments after the service.

10.00am – Service of the Word (4th Sunday only) – A short lay lead service.


10.00am – Holy Communion in the Parish Room – An opportunity to take time out in the midst of the busy week.

Other services and activities are published on the church notice boards and on the weekly information sheet.For those members not able to attend worship the Holy Communion is taken to them at home.

Enquiries concerning baptism, and confirmation should be made to the Vicar.

We welcome marriage enquires or a service of Blessing for those who have chosen civil registry for their wedding. Funerals and memorial services are organised in consultation with the family of the deceased, and the interment is available at St. Mary’s Churchyard, Burnhouse Road.

A priority of pastoral work is given to those persons in need, sickness or adversity.  The congregation at St. Mary’s are making their Christian pilgrimage through life and regularly gather to learn of the Apostles teaching, to speak the prayers of the church, to break bread, and to share in fellowship. Our mission is to preach the Kingdom of Heaven in this parish and beyond. Our hope is for Heaven.

Church Information


1st & 4th Sunday – 8am – Holy Communion (Common Worship)

1st Sunday – 10am – Holy Communion (Common Worship)

2nd Sunday – 10am – Holy Communion (Common Worship)

3rd Sunday – 10am – Holy Communion (Common Worship)

4th Sunday – 10am – Service of the Word

Contact Information

TBA- Vicar

Church House Queens Road Wooler

NE71 6DR


The Rev’d Judith Dobson – Assistant Curate

Tel: 01668 216098